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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.

We are pleased to introduce our New "Luxury Care for Flawless Skincare" product line. 

Luxury Care for Flawless Skin Set

All products are custom tailored to match our Beauty Brand.   FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $15.00

Contact us here or email us for ordering Products. Prices are listed with Products.  Email: or . Social Media: Facebook is Iris Olivera or sgorgeous Faces Beauty Products.  Please Leave your Information on our contact page. We will promptly get back to you within 24 hours.

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Hydrating Face Moisturizer

Luxury Care for Flawless Skin

Hydrating Face Moisturizer

with "vita-plex & hyaluronic acid"

* Instantly Hydrates Skin

* Renews Tired Skin With Long-lasting Effects

* Leaves Skin Feeling Smooth & Nourished

Enjoy non-stop hydration with this powerful daily face moisturizer. The fast absorbing non-greasy formula will instantly hydrate and quench skin, regardless of the type.

Key Ingredients are: Aloe Vera to soothe and revitalize moisture-starved skin. Chamomile which s a natural herb that helps soothe skin and protect against free radicals.

The light-weight gel based cream contains a clinically supported technology that helps skin create it's own internal water source for continuous hydration, delivering 2X the moisture boot by day's end. It then continues to hydrate up to 72 hours- even after washing and cleansing.   Price:   $10.00

Luxury Care for Flawless Skin

Pro-Repair Serum

with "vita-plex, HA & chamomile"

* Replenishes Skin;s Moisture To Improve Texture

* Visibly Reduces Fine lines & Wrinkles

* Antioxidants Protect Against Damage

You will instantly fall in love with this serum's featuring star ingredient. Hyaluronic acid. HA is not just a trendy filler. It's one of the most exceptionally beneficial ingredients on the market. Naturally produced in the body, hyaluronic acid is capable of holding 1,000X it's weight in water, in turn replenishing moisture that is crucial for younger-looking, plump skin.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid- naturally occurring in the body, this star ingredient hydrates and replenishes to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Vita-plex- A powerful multivitamin complex containing vitamins E, C, B3, B5 & B6

This unique formula combines hyaluronic acid and complex vitamins to revitalize and restore skin, helping improve the appearance of smoothness, firmness, and elasticity. It instantly hydrates and pulls moisture from the air to keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours.   Price:  $15.00

Pro-Repair Serum for Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Decollete Restore Cream

Luxury Care for Flawless Skin

Decollete Restore Cream

with "retinol, argan oil & chamomile"

* Visibly firms age-prone areas

* Improves appearance of skin elasticity

* Helps brighten dull skin & even tone

This restoring cream smoothes aging skin and visibly reduces the appearance of chest and neck wrinkles while providing long-lasting moisture.

Key Ingredients: Retinol- vitamin A derivative that boosts collagen to visibly reduce fine lines and brighten skin. Chamomile- A natural herb that helps smooth skin and protect against free radicals.

This luxurious, high performing chest and neck cream contains a new technology that helps skin create it's own internal water source, ensuring continual hydration for up to 72 hours. Along with essential vitamin B5, which helps to improve skin's radiance. Chamomile and Argan oil work together to provide immediate soothing & brightening results. 

 Price:  $10.00

Luxury Care for Flawless Skin

The 3 Product Collection Package

Price:   $30.00

Set- Luxury Skincare

Gorgeous Faces Perfect Lips Collection     All Priced at $9.00 each

Beautiful Indulgent Colors that Last All Day! Will Not Dry Lips!

Gorgeous Faces Perfect Eyes Collection      Priced From $30.00 - $35.00

-The Bedazzled All Glitter Eyeshadow Palette- $35.00

-The Flirtatious Palette-Colorful High Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette- $35.00

-The Fantasy Eyeshadow Palette- Earth Tones & Shimmers- $30.00

Gorgeous Faces Black Eyelash Adhesive Liner Pen- The Newest Trend!

No More Messy Glues to Apply Your Lashes. As Easy as Putting on Eyeliner.

Big Seller!!   Price:  $15.00

Eyelash Adhesive Liner Pen
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All Products can be purchased through using CashApp: $IrisOliver or with a Credit or Debit Card in My Shop.

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